Kurti Set with Dupatta

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One must be in tune with the times to appreciate traditions.

Fabric : Muslin (Kurti Pant)

Dupatta : Chiffon

Size : 38,40,42,44,44,46


Indulge in the exquisite world of fashion with our latest offering: a mesmerizing collection of printed muslin fabric adorned with intricate embroidery work. Each piece tells a tale of artistry and craftsmanship, a harmonious blend of traditional techniques and contemporary design.

Envelop yourself in elegance as you explore a palette of enchanting hues. Choose from the captivating Magenta, reminiscent of blooming roses at dawn; the regal Navy Blue, capturing the depths of a starlit night sky; and the sophisticated Dark Green, evoking the lush serenity of a forest retreat.

These fabrics are more than just materials; they are a canvas for your imagination, a conduit for your creativity. Whether you envision flowing dresses that dance with every step, graceful drapery that adorns your living spaces, or any other masterpiece that your mind can conceive, our printed muslin with embroidery is ready to bring your dreams to life.



black, Dark Green, HOT PINK




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